Today we will talk about a new app which is creating a buzz in the market. This new app is very popular among the teenagers all over the world. This app lets you post comments on your friends without showing your identity. Yes this is truly anonymous app where the sender’s identity will not be revealed. The app is called Sarahah. Sarahah is already in the top downloaded apps in both IOS and Android app store. In this article what we will know what makes this application so special and how it is promoting cyber bullying.

Application development:

The app was created by a developer of Saudi Arabia. Zian Al Abidin Taufiq created this app so that people can send honest feedback to their employees in workplace.

He named the application Sarahah which means honesty in Arabian. The application behaves according to its name. One can post on its review of the person through this app.


Well we assume the reviews will be honest because the recipient does not have any way to know who sent the comment. The app soon became popular among the teenagers as they can post anything without revealing their identity.

How does the App works:

The app is very simple however you need an account with Snapchat also. First, you need to create your account on the website of this app. After you sign up you will get a custom link, people can click on this link and send their messages.

Sir to distribute your link most teenagers are using Snapchat. Snapchat is the most popular distribution platform for Sarahah. People post a custom link in a snap and share with their followers.

So now your followers can click on the link anytime and send you anonymous message. This message is truly personal no one can see it except for the person. However, the teenagers really want people to know what people are commenting on them.

Therefore, they take a screenshot of the messages and post it in their Snapchat account. So people usually get all types of comments some are nice, some are flirty and some are cruel and mean also.

It is no doubt that this no restriction is promoting cyber bullying. Bullying is very common in High Schools. So with the help of this app students can take it to the Internet also.

Teen’s obsession:

As we have mentioned before this application is very popular among the teenagers and they are kind of obsessed with it also. A lot of people are already sending the snaps with Sarahah’s link in it.

Many teens say that they are getting positive reviews and comments from their peers. However this seems to be very tough for the girls. They’re getting many sexual comments on this app. Racist people are taking full advantage of this application and bullying people.

Many parents are worried about the children’s safety and self esteem. However this is not the first instance of cyber bullying and many apps like this have surfaced before also. Gossip apps like,, yik yak and others have already got teenager’s interest.

Therefore it is simply up to the parents to guide their children on this app. However we protect that this will not be a long run application. Soon people will get bored of this and they can move on to something else.

Currently teenagers are exploring the potential of this app and sharing their messages via Snapchat. Since the app does not provide any way to reply if the person who send the text message. So the gossip really on the Snapchat and the subject is from Sarahah.

If you want to download the app, you can download it for free from your phone’s app store.

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