This year in May a terrible ransomware attacked the whole world. It affected 150 countries and many organizations. The malware is known as Wannacry. This was a major attack that opened people’s eye towards their internet security. Many people ignore internet security because of the expenses. After this attack, people should become more conscious towards it. Therefore, today we will talk about malwares, Trojan and viruses. So read this article to know about it if you do not know. At the end we recommend some security software which can protect you from future attacks like this.

Why you need internet security software:

This might be the first large scale attack but not the last. Many small attacks like this happen every day. So learn about it and protect yourself before it is too late. Many people in developing countries do not buy premium and original antivirus.

So if you think like you do not need premium security then the wannacry ransomware attack is a perfect example for you. The internet is full of Trojan, virus, worm, malware, spyware and many other stuffs.

Everyday thousands of these viruses are created and uploaded on the internet. People download a lot of stuffs from the internet. Most of these are free stuffs from non authentic websites.

The worms and malware are especially in these sites. So if you ignore your internet security now. Then you leave yourself open to future ransomware attacks.

What are virus, malware and Trojan?

Many people think that they are the same things. Well the only common thing between them is that they are programs that infect the computer.

They are just software and application which you use every day. The difference is that you don’t know what they are doing or that they are even in the computer.


A virus is a least harmful because it just damages the computer and its data. While malware or Trojan can steal data from your computer and leave no trace of it.

Imagine all your passwords of internet banking, social accounts like facebook and other important stuffs being with an unknown person. It is scary, right? That is what they do.

So if you are still now convinced of your security let’s talk about wannacry ransomware. Hope it will make you reconsider your decision.

Wannacry Ransomware:

We have talked about malware, virus and Trojan. What is a Ransomware? As the name suggests, ransomware locks the computer it affects and asks the owner to pay ransom in order to get access to your files again.

It is just like kidnapping your computer and asking you to pay ransom for it. Wannacry is the name of the group which launched the attacks on global scale.

wannacry ransomeware

Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan were the most affected countries. How did it attack you ask? Well the attackers send email to the owners with a downloadable link.

People who caught the bait and downloaded the software, got affected. The attackers demanded a ransom of 500 Euros.

Experts say that the malware used vulnerability in windows and used it to lock the computer. They also believe that if people pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that they will get their computer back.

If you think you are far from these countries and the attack has stopped, then you are wrong. The attack is still on the way to your home.

Best Internet Security Softwares:

So if you have changed your mind and want to buy security software then we would like to help you in your search.

We have a list of some of the popular softwares that provide a air tight security. These are not only secure but a true value for money.


Worth considering:

McAfee Total Protection – McAfee do not hamper the system performance much. It has fair malware protection strength. McAfee has a good two way firewall protection. It also schedule timely computer backup. PC tuneup feature improves computer’s performance. All the features will cost you $44.99.

Panda Global Protection – It has all the above features with additional special ransomware protection and virtual keyboard. However, it impacts performance of the computer heavily. You can get it for $47.49.

Esset Smart Security – It has all the features as above expect for special ransomware protection. However it has added anti theft protection and webcam protection which will not allow malicious software to open you webcam and mic without your permission.

The malware protection is good and has a very little impact on computer’s performance. You can get the protection at $59.99. It is totally worth considering.

Nortan Security Deluxe – Norton does not have the above features. It just provides an excellent malware protection. However, it is very heavy on the system and makes it slow. At the price of $39.99 it is not a bad deal.

Trend Micro Internet Security – The features include secure browser, special ransomware protection and file encryption. The protection is very good but the system impact is harsh. It will cost around $39.95 and its worth considering.

Total Value for money:

Bitdefender – It has all the above features with virtual keyword, anti – theft, and two-way firewall. The great thing is that it does not hamper system performance and provides a very good malware protection at the same time. All the features are in just $44.99 is a good deal.

Kaspersky – If you want all the good features in one place without burning a hole in the pocket, this is it. It has all the good features like webcam protection, secure browser, encryption and others. It only lacks anti theft but provides a security which is beyond comparison.

Moreover, it is very light and does not slow the computer at all. It is recommended by all the major review sites. Kaspersky Total Security will cost only $59.99 and it is totally worth buying. Refer here for more details.

Moreover, the software provides protection from phishing sites which can protect you from accidently giving your password to the hackers. The back up and tune up features are also very healthy for the computer and your data.

So there you have it. Hope this article will help you making a wise decision. As the price of the software is nothing as compared to the ransom.

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