Are you looking to download a new game from the play store? We are here with 10 games of 2017 which have gained popularity in short time. Here is the list of games which we consider the best games of June 2017.

The list has games from different genres like action, arcade, RPG, sports and others. So check the list of games below.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump:

Is you are a pokemon fan then you might find this game interesting. Till now you have catch pokemon and use them in battle. However now you have the chance to train you pokemon also. The objective of this is to train your Magikarp to jump higher.

You can fish different kind of magikarp and collect them in your pond. You can compete with other players also to see whose Magikarp jumps higher. Game is a good time pass for kids. However adult anime fans can also give it a try.

pokemon magikarp jump

Fancy Pants Adventure:

If you like the Anger of Sticks then this arcade game will be a choice for you. The objective is to save your sister. However, you will encounter many dangers on the way like ninjas, pirates and others.

fancy pants adventure

Fight the enemies and you will get items to help you in fighting or change your looks. It is a quite interesting game. FCA is suitable for all ages. If you are looking for some casual gaming this will be perfect for you.

Karma Incarnation 1:

This is a fun casual game which all should try. Game is again suitable for all ages. It is a blend of puzzle and adventure. You will play the role of a strange creature named Pip. You will face decisions throughout the game which will decide the outcome of the game.

The game is totally unique and the graphics are hand drawn. Karma Incarnation is one of the games that you will enjoy each time you play it all over again. So go ahead and download it from Google Play Store for free.


Skullgils is a fighting game presented by line corporation, who created the popular messaging app Line. The graphics are good and the game has a RPG like progression. This was popular in other platforms and recently was available for android also.

Injustice 2:

Injustice 2 is a better version of the last game by Warner Bros. If you love fighting games with high quality graphics, this will not disappoint you. It has more characters, more special attacks and a lot more action than its predecessor.

Build you team and progress through the game by unlocking special features. The game has a good storyline which adds to the good things about the game. So go and install in on your android devices for free now.

The Elder Scrolls – Legends:

The game is the new app from the Elder Scrolls franchise. With new features and looks this game is a good pick for the casual gamers. So go and download it for free now.

Galaxy on Fire 3:

This game is way better than its previous versions. The mission is to find the person responsible for explosion on a planet. Unlock new space ships and battle through the space. A good game that can be handled easily by mid range phones.

Zombie gunship Survival:

Like the undead games? This is perfect FPS game for you in which you will launch attacks on the zombies from your AC-130. Previous Gunship Zombie games were very popular. So you can try this one is you haven’t played yet.

game play screen

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017:

A nice game for the football fans. It has both  multiplayer and single player mode. The game controls are very good. So if you want a football game then try this one.

Iron Blade:

This is good choice for someone who wants a long Role Playing Game. Intense graphics and good stoyline makes the game popular. It is developed by Gameloft which is one of the well known developers of games.

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